Goodbye 2021…

I wanted to say something profound about the past year, about all my accomplishments and wisdom; or, more characteristically of me, about all my miseries and failures; but really I can barely remember the year. I had Covid and wrote some stories.

Tonight I just want to close the book softly and lay it aside for now; retrospection and analysis can wait until tomorrow, or next week, or whenever I get around to it. I only want to wish you all a sincere Happy New Year, with fervent prayers for your wellbeing and hope that 2022 will bring you your hearts’ desires.

I also wish to say Thank You for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. Most of you have been far kinder than I deserve.

Happy New Year, and God love you…

My farewell to 2020

48 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021…

      1. I had it at the end of March. It was weird because it was like a different cold every day at first–fever one day, headache one day, aches one day, etc, but not all at once. Then it settled into a headcold for a week and a half. I was tired for a few weeks. My smell and taste were GONE! That was the weirdest part. The first night they were totally gone I was panicking and even cried because I kept playing a montage in my head of all the foods and smells I’d never get to enjoy again. But honestly I got over it quickly. You learn to enjoy your food in a different way. It gradually returned after a few weeks although my smell is still not that sharp. I actually don’t mind because my nose was always very sensitive to every bad smell, so now I’m not bothered as much. It wasn’t the worst illness I’ve ever had, not even as bad as a flu, just very odd and drawn-out. Everyone’s mileage varies wildly.


      2. Oh, and I remembered a couple other symptoms–insomnia and depression. The insomnia lasted a few weeks too. I forget how long the depression lasted but it came on near the end quite suddenly. Like a dark cloud just descended on my head. I knew why it was happening so I was able to ride it out, but people who are prone to depression need to be watchful for this one.


  1. Might i suggest a goal for you this year… To get published, somewhere, anywhere, with a story like your last one, a psychological treatise on some dark event worn like a brittle shell, deflecting, restricting.

    We’ll help.

    New Year? Humans and their calendars, eh? What’s wrong with dividing along the solstices? Naw, let’s wait ten days, to make sure the planet is really starting back around…

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  2. Happy new year Hetty. A review doesn’t have to be done before the year-end, or soon after the new year starts. Do it when your heart is in it and don’t do it all in one go, take breaks. Always, make sure you end it on a high note.

    I think that we all survived 2021 is a big success and a big pat back on back..

    wishing you a great 2022.

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    1. Thanks, Bella. I think it might be a good practice to not do it right on day one–too much pressure. Better to make it feel like a regular practice.

      I’m glad we survived as well. You know times are bad when simply being alive is an accomplishment–on the other hand, many people didn’t get to see the new year, so we should be grateful.

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      1. Aside from Mohs on my nose and having it laced up like a football on New Years Eve and fed up with all the fawning over oh so beautiful and clever barely mediocre bullshit on WP I’m fine. I think I’ll give on posting anything creative for a while since no one gets it and slipshod author infused first person is the order of the day.
        Mohs was one of those worst moments that never happened. There’s only so much one can worry about until worry fails to matter.

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        1. Oof sorry to hear about your nose. If it looks like anything I just saw in Google images, then I’m very sorry. You know my present feelings on the state of WordPress right now… though I do make my own contributions to WordPress’s cause. Don’t stop posting because of dumbasses not getting it. I’m starting to like it.

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  3. So it’s been 5 days since the New Year. How you feeling over there? There’s no need to even think of doing anything new, to be honest. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to take things day by day. And who needs an entire year for that?

    Wishing you all the best still!

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    1. Thanks, Stuart. I still feel pretty optimistic. Got my fifty different planners. Now I just have to plan. Day by day is important; otherwise I get quite overwhelmed. Hope your new year is treating you well.

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  4. You’ve got a solid blog here, Hetty. There’s some people who really love you. You don’t even have to “fluff them up” by visiting their sites every day and dropping a comment to keep them feeing reciprocated! F**k. *tossing my long hair back*
    I just wanted to wish you good luck with all the things every gal wants in the coming year. I’m sure with a little effort on your part they’ll come true.

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