Hoppin’ on the New Year’s Eve Post Bandwagon

Gotta try and squeeze in one last 2022 blog post just to say I did.

I think I’d grade myself a B+ for 2022. Didn’t accomplish great things, made no progress at work, and didn’t write as much as I hoped I would (real life dramas sapped my brain–didn’t wanna imagine new ones), but I did take a huge step forward by finally setting a wedding date. On January 14th (i.e. in two weeks!) I am tying the knot and moving out. That’s a big step for me and I’m glad I’m almost there. I don’t have to delay making that decision now–I can just start the new year with a new life.

I anticipate being far more productive writing-wise because I’m not going to have my parents hanging over my shoulder anymore.

I have a lot of things to look forward to, which is a nice thing to say for once, coming from someone who has spent years complaining that there is nothing to look forward to and nothing will ever change.

Well, I am happy to offer hope to anyone who might feel similarly. If I can begin to get shit together at almost thirty-five years old, you can too.

I wish I could offer a retrospective on my blog but I’m too embarrassed to go back and read anything. When I scroll through the titles I see a lot of stuff about work, but I see a few other things too. A few. I wrote a few short stories I liked. I didn’t achieve what I hoped for SepSceneWriMo although I continued to work on it after. Took an ill-advised break in the beginning of the year but tried to be consistent after that. I’ve resolved to keep up with comments every day and not let things go (I get shy about answering comments and don’t reply right away because I’m afraid people will think I’m creepy if I do).

By their very nature, things can’t be the same in 2023 and I’m grateful for that. I’m scared about moving out and doing things on my own, but I’m excited about finally starting my own life and doing things the way I want to. I’m excited to share brand new things to complain about with you.

Hopefully this year, those of us with writing aspirations can finally get our act together and finish something.

AND, there’s a good chance my boss is going to retire in June. This is cataclysmic for my blog. Her retiring will be the end of an era, bigger than the Copernican Revolution. Can my blog survive such a thing?

Anyways, Happy New Year, and as always thank you, thank you, for reading my blog and commenting. I enjoy each and every comment and I’m delighted when you’re here. I’m grateful that I’ve kept up with this and I look forward to reading your stories and your updates.

God bless (whether you like it or not).


31 thoughts on “Hoppin’ on the New Year’s Eve Post Bandwagon

    1. Yes, I tell people all the time we’re in a “devil you know” situation and that the next boss is going to be much worse (in their own way of course, no one can out-boss my boss). Best to you as well.


  1. Hey Hetty, good things come in threes, so boss leaving is so going to happen. Now I expect at least one photo from the wedding (the cake is always a good one, or the flowers, or you arriving on the Harley Davidson) and you have a great time. Do whatever you want, cos it’s your wedding

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  2. Congratulations on setting a wedding date and congratulations beforehand on your wedding! My oldest son is getting married this summer on June 17. I have to admit I’ve never given myself grades for how I am performing during the year. That’s kind of harsh on yourself, isn’t it? Anyway, I wish you and your fiancée a great future and a Happy New Year.

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  3. Happy New Year, exciting times for you. You have achieved a lot this year and blogging everyday in September is massive, you have laid good foundations for yourself to build on.

    Moving out starting your own life will be fun, exciting and different. But it will be a good newness in your life a new focus. A lot more responsibility but you can handle that together.

    Your boss retiring….omg.. lol. Another newness to look forward to in the middle of the year.

    Your comment about taking a break in the beginning of the year… eek. I need to if I dont I will crumble got so many things I want to get done that have been pending too long. It too me ages to declare that. But I feel quite at peace now that I did, it has taken a bit of pressure off me.

    Have a great 2023 , and all the newness going on. All the best with the wedding not long.

    God bless you, and your hubby to be
    Love bella

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    1. Thanks Bella. I’m confident you’ll make better use of a break than I did because you have goals and plans to work on. I was spending too much time on everything else except my own work (and then I didn’t even catch up on it!). Even though I’m scared about a lot of things, I’m happy too, and it outweighs the fears I have. I love my fiancé and I can’t wait to spend even more time together. He’s a great support and I’m very fortunate. Thank you always for your kind comments.

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    1. Well, when she leaves, whoever replaces her is NOT going to be amazing, I can guarantee that! I’m sure they’ll be thirty years old, even nastier, and more mobile than she is. I hope you have a good year!

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        1. There used to be a clear path upwards, but they’ve eliminated those jobs and combined the functions, so it’s like the ladder is missing five rungs and just ends. You’d have to leave and come back to a higher ladder. There’s a pretty big chasm hierarchy-wise between me and my manager. She couldn’t be the store manager because she’d first need to do operations manager and sales manager, too. I don’t think she’d want it anyway.

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  4. Congratulations! All the best for the two of you. And, wow. Married, moving out of the parents’ house, AND the boss is leaving . . . your horoscope just lit up like a pin ball machine and paid off in silver dollars.

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    1. Thanks, Roy. After so many years, things are looking up for me. I hope that on my blog, I’ll be able to help other people in failure-to-launch situations. I’ve done the hopelessness thing to death, now it’s on to life.


  5. Blog’s looking different. New year new you, eh? Or did I just realise this late, because I typically access blog through the Reader?

    Anyhoo, I hope that your ‘getting life in order’ keeps happening for you. Heaven knows I could use some of that myself. Let’s strive to not take our time in 2023 for granted.

    And well, I hope that the lack of stories from your boss’s absence might also mean that you will be moving up? Just a thought. Happy New Year, Hetty!

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    1. Nah the blog’s not majorly different, I just randomly change the color from time to time. There’s no opportunity for me to move up. There used to be a clear track for promotions, but so many jobs have been eliminated and functions combined that there are too many rungs missing in the ladder to climb up.


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