Just a good old fashioned hard drive harvest that I can't think of a title for. The blizzard drowns out the sound and fury. A madman walks blindly through the snowstorm, flailing and sweeping the heavy flakes which heed him not. A candle might burn only inches from him, but he'll never know. Meanwhile, a … Continue reading untitled

Ranch houses and cherry blossoms

A random poem. Sorry I can't be who you thought I wasI won't say who you wantedBecause I don't knowAnd that's the whole problemYellow ranch house and telephone wiresCrumbling stairsAnd an ancient carI just can't understand itCryptic blossoms, less than one percentCyber distance I still rememberPerplexedBecause I have a cherry treeWith blossomsBut no cherries.

Jamie Vu

Contact occurred unexpectedly. I had been heading for the originally mapped coordinates. My target was a young man named Jamie Vu. I planned to land shortly after midnight during deep delta-wave sleep before it segued into the REM stage, which would provide cover for me should he awaken during the transfer process. “….so I’m sorry, … Continue reading Jamie Vu

Excuse me you got a little something there. #SepSceneWriMo.”

A first chapter of I don't know what written for "September Scene Writing Month." Warning: contains received language. Feedback welcome. Marianne had overslept, but it didn’t really matter. She pulled on her yellow uniform t-shirt and sat down at the wooden desk which doubled as her vanity, decorated only with a small crystal lamp she … Continue reading Excuse me you got a little something there. #SepSceneWriMo.”