46 thoughts on “not tonight

    1. Men of culture and noble virtue are required to bleed out on their own without the usual thrashing and beseeching various deities. I fail to hold up to the standard sometimes.

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        1. We agree on the good sense to borrow language from the commoners when an appropriate expletive is required. The hot mic incident might require a little blame shifting to Satan and a donation to the church. Were you able to recover from that incident?

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          1. In truth my response for serious unexpected feedback coupled with electric shock is as above. However, the Lord was a good shepherd to his flock that day because when I left the stage the first thing I asked was Did I drop the F bomb? When the laughter subsided, I was informed my usual expletive had been transfigured into “BWAW!!!” and all was well. The Lord works in mysterious ways…

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    2. I remember in high school I had a bottle of orange juice with my lunch. My bottle was to my left and I was speaking to someone on my right. I went to shake up the juice and forgot I had already taken the cap off. Needless to say, I never lived it down.

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          1. I do hate to see people suffer like that, especially if they are good people. I respect you a great deal for helping out. That makes a huge difference for people even if we can’t see the impact it has. Little acts of kindness go a long way.

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  1. Always love to see you taking your challenge seriously, and keeping up with your daily posts. Even this post is a good demonstration of sticking to your plan, even though real life got in the way. There’s only 7 more days to go, right? Good to see you going strong, Hetty!

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