Apologies in advance.

And a few random craps™.

  1. September brings what every person on the Internet waits for, the global event called “SepSceneWriMo.” I am apologizing in advance because I’ll be posting pretty much every day, at least if I can get my act together.
  2. Further apology is that I have nothing original to offer and it’s going to be a rough ride to say the very least. I’m rustier than the Tin Man before they oil him. There’s going to be a wee bit of rehashing. I’m doing the best I can here given the circumstances. Maybe if people gave me ideas it wouldn’t be this way. It’s your fault.
  3. Mainly it’s the challenge of seeing if I can actually commit to it and pull it off. This is a crazy time in my life and I want to show myself that I won’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. There will never be a day in anyone’s life when the plate is cleared and they can say, “NOW I can begin.”
  4. I do not expect people to feel compelled to comment every single day, so please don’t think I’ll be offended if you don’t. I’ll be more offended at myself for putting people out.
  5. On an unrelated topic, I’m becoming paranoid because people keep looking at my stomach. Am I carrying a few more pounds than I’d like to right now? Okay, yeah. But not enough that anyone should even notice or look twice at it. Yet I see eyes flick down. And I don’t even like saying this but I have seen people look at my crotch, too. I am sorry for saying that but I must get it off my chest. There’s nothing there! I even check myself to see if my fly is unzipped but none of my pants have flies! It couldn’t look more generic so I don’t get what people are expecting to see. Even with my super low self-esteem I can confidently say there is nothing shocking here to catch anyone’s attention.
  6. This is the same reason I hate getting my hair done because it invites Endless Comments about the color and will it stay straight or go back to… (their words usually trail off here).
  7. For those of you following the family drama, guess what? I finally Drew The Line. Sort of. Tonight, my mom and sister were having their usual text message and phone blowout. My sister calls me up ranting about her. I started to say that it’s difficult for me to be in the middle, but lucky for me, I was at a church social in an area with bad service and the call cut off. So I sent a text message saying the same thing, that it’s hard for me to be in the middle and that it’d be best if they worked these things out between the two of them. I guess they made up (for today) and she said okay. Be proud of me, y’all.
  8. I’m editing this post to say one more thing–is anyone else having problems with excessive spam comments and views here on WordPress?

60 thoughts on “Apologies in advance.

  1. About your appearance problems, for some reason it reminded me of all those dreams where I went to school (or outside of my home) without wearing pants as a kid. For some reason, I had that dream all the time as a kid.

    Also, I know that September has scenes, and November is an entire novel month, but what about the remaining ten months? Don’t they offer any tasks related with writing?

    Hmm. I think I should create one program every day month, starting in February of every year, and imagine the reactions of people who have to do it in a leap year.

    Also, not getting any spam comments or views. Why are you getting those? (And as Stuart has said), where can I get some?

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  2. I’m glad to hear you’re doing the scene writing thing. I plan to, of course knowing full well I probably won’t be able to maintain any pace for 30 days. But the idea of a scene a day sounds interesting. At the moment I’m planning to be totally random, doing something different every day, outside the box, and maybe I’ll stumble across something worthy of making a larger project out of.

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  3. Spam;So.. on menu > settings. > discussion. You can block certain email address. And of course set the comment as spam. And that helps a lot. I did that years back and then things got better.

    But there might be something else you can. Will get back to you.

    Do you have access to WordPress support? Then good to ask them.

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  4. SPAM rotates through, like a rolling blackout. A guy in England was complaining not long ago about hundreds of SPAMS in his WP, and his filter was throwing many legitimate comments into SPAM along with it. His issue was ferreting out the real from the SPAM. I likened it to fishing in an Portajohn. Remember – Spammers only love you when they’re Spamming. Spam, it will come and it will go. When your Spam folder is empty then you will know, yes you’ll kno-oh-oh…

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  5. Really proud of you for setting boundaries with your mom and sister! Those crotch and hair-staring people seem rude! Who does this?

    I haven’t had much more spam than usual, but more than one blogger has informed me that my comments ended up in spam. So apparently, WP thinks *I* am the spammer.

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    1. As a matter of fact I fished you out of that very same Spam folder. And the staring people.. I just don’t get it. What are they looking for?? and why?? Sometimes I purposefully dress crappy just so people don’t say things like OOOOooo you go girl!


  6. Ah, I get it now. I should have read your posts in proper order. Congrats on trying the writing challenge. Maybe something writerly will get triggered and you’ll enjoy it. Awesome on the gentle push back. And that ogle thing. That’s something half the human population does unconsciously and the other half does it on purpose. Ignore them. It’s their monkey genes acting up again.

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    1. See, I know they think my stomach is twice as big as it really is. And my mental image of what they think is twice as big is twice as big as that. Therefore, because what I think people think counts as the truth, my stomach is four times as big as it actually is.

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      1. You are excellent at describing our inner truths. I agree. Mathematically, I think I’m ugly with no redeeming physical traits. So I start out twice as ugly as I really am and my imagination says those looking at me and shuddering make me 4 times more ugly. I never go to a public swimming area where I would be scantily clad because I fear children will mistake me for a turtle that lost its shell. Or at the beach sunning my back in blissful blistering, some kid will scream and exclaim, “ Momma look at the blowhole on that one!” That would put me into anaphylactic shock and also make me fear I forgot to wear my bathing suit. My self image can approach a crime against humanity at times. I do try to calm myself and avoid mirrors.

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          1. My job is done here. 😂. I realize self image is a serious matter, and I wonder how many of us are walking around with that critical inner voice. If we can still laugh, we’ll be okay.

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  7. No extra views and the usual amount of Spam.
    This is my first SepSceneWriMo attempt. Like you – I am giving this a try to challenge myself and to try to force the writing thing to become on a more regular basis because life is never perfect for that.

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      1. Thank you Hetty, I appreciate it. I’ve been all over the place – and off WordPress for weeks, so…

        Keep up your writing! I’m reading it in spirit even when I’ve fallen into a hole of self-pity and anxiety and snakes.

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