Now, I’m supposed to be on a break but I have to share this with you because it’s just too funny.

During my check-in with my supervisor, she asked me what she could do to help me further my career goals. We are on very friendly terms and have a good rapport, so it’s a very informal sort of discussion. Naturally I can’t come up with an answer because I have no goals. She asked me if there’s any hobby or activity I really enjoy and I blurted out that I like to write short stories. (About her friend, aka my boss, but I kept that part silent.)

So today my boss calls me down to her office and tells me that my supervisor told her I like to write.

“Do you know what blogging is?” she asked.


“Do you follow any bloggers?”

Yeah, a couple.

“If you like to write, you should really make a living writing blogs for other people’s websites!”

Oh, that’s a cool idea.

“My family bought me a website and I really want to do it but I can’t write. Would you want to write blog posts for me?”

Thank goodness I was wearing a mask because I was trying so hard not to laugh.

I asked if I could see what type of website they bought her, and when I saw the little “W” symbol I almost died trying not to laugh.

Oh, WordPress, I said. I hear that’s popular.

All I could imagine is my botching something and inadvertently revealing my own blog.

I said I’d think about it. She did say she’d pay me once she was sure that was allowed. Although I doubt I could pull it off.

Had to share for those of you who know the saga.

What a tragic irony. She believes she is new to the blogging world but has no idea she’s already an international icon.

Anyways, I have a feeling my break is going to last about four days because I keep checking the Reader anyway.

65 thoughts on “Aaahahahahahahahaha

  1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is too good hahahahaha! You’re one of those people who is adventure-prone 😂.

    “Do you know what blogging is?”

    Oooh she shouldn’t have said that 😬😬😬.

    “Do you know language?”

    Just one question: is Hetty Eliot your real name? 🤔🤔😳

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    1. I had you in mind when I wrote this because you’re the one who made her fame jump the pond. Remember how she made a cameo in one of your posts? 😂 I wish I were adventure-prone–it’s more that my fiction always becomes reality.

      Name question–sort of my real name. My real first name is an “ethnic heritage” type of name which I mainly use legally and at work and such. Hetty is a nickname of my middle name that I use with close friends and family. It’s not on the record books so I’m safe.

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  2. Oh the twists and turns of life.

    I thought you might get asked to write for the companies blog.

    It is an interesting situation you find yourself in. Give it the space and time, and pros and cons, and
    thing wider than today, and more. Before making any decision about her blog.

    Life right!

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    1. I wonder if she is or

      She is missing the point about blogging.

      To get paid to write is exciting- if it the right person you are writing for.

      Deliberate patience, to see if her investigation with the company permit her too take your assistance?

      I think it is cool idea to be paid for writing, but your client should be aligned to you I feel.

      I just say think long and hard about any decisions.

      But, it is a great idea 💡

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      1. I don’t know if it’s .org or .com, I didn’t get to look closely at it. She was just showing me the template. It is supposed to be a personal blog about her hobby which is mainly photographs.


        1. I don’t think it matters in term of .org .com, with regards to usage. And I think the reader is available to all ( .org or .com). .org is self hosted that for me translates to if things go wrong I have to deal with it or pay for a technical person, I am responsible for all plugins and security. Where as a paid .com automatic/ wp will sort all that for me and if I have questions I go to the happiness engineers as they are called.

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            1. I did a whole series of blog posts on all that. I concluded self hosted is a pain as you have to make sure plugins are upto eqte, security is upto date and George and eqta protection all fall on us. Where as .com means wordpress aja automatic company are responsible. In my humble op

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  3. I have thought about this all day and it’s a very bad idea. Firstly your boss is expecting you to make her blog successful. That’s completely unfair to you. Secondly, from what you’ve said, if it isn’t successful straight away she is going to blame you. And thirdly it’s her blog. She needs to tailor it to suit her personality and interests and if she wants followers she’s the one who has to interact. And fourthly, you are way too good for her. I would suggest you ask her if she has any interests and then suggest she writes a post about them. 🤨.

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    1. Aw no don’t worry 🤗. Truth be told I wouldn’t want to get involved with money. I wouldn’t mind looking things over just for the fun of it, but business dealings = trouble.


  4. The unfortunate truth is the reason most copy for hire blogs suffer from a distinct lack of grasp for the English language is the pay for doing it is abysmal. Unless you are a “business” that produces web pages for those who for some reason can’t plug and play. And those people get serious jack. I sat in for a guy one time while he was on vacation and his web people charged him $100 a pop to change or edit a page, even if they’d fucked it up. He asked me to write him a blog about insurance. I said $400, each. He said that was cheaper than the web guys but still too much. I got asked to correct op manuals where I was a rep and product specialist. They got mad when I asked, “how much does it pay.” Like I was going to do it out of the goodness of my heart like I used to do on WordPress. Fuck. That. All I learned from that was there are a lot of horses out in the WP who don’t know they’re thirsty, so it doesn’t matter if you lead them to water.

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      1. Next time you start a scene, use an active verb and I’ll believe you. I “know this guy” who had to go back through an entire in the can novel he thought was “all that” and fix every effing scene that started out “x was sitting, dancing, fucking, sweating.” and there were a lot of them. Don’t is negative reinforcement, but like I tell myself… don’t do stupid, avoidable amateurish shit. X wasn’t sitting on the fender when the truck pulled up, X stood from his seat on the fender, dusted his jeans when the truck pulled up. The only time I tell PWA to blow me about passives is in dialog.

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  5. Do it. Pick a flat fee, not a word-count fee, not a “response-based” fee, and see if she bites. PH got $400.00. Tell her that’s what you want. Do not negotiate. Could be fun. Her interests do not have to “align with your own” as you are doing it for the money. Try it, you might like it. And…if she’s your boss in real life (IRL I understand) she might take you under her wing and give you raises, promotions are even easier schedules. Whattya got to lose?

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  6. Finally, Phil is correct, (once again living rent free in our heads.) There are people who get paid bigger bucks than you writing for Corporations. Could be your chance to move out of retail and into the C-suite. It’s doubtful, ’cause you’d have to promote yourself or your boss would have to tell her boss and so on and so on and so on until you get the call from Corporate…”Hey, we mistreated our copywriter long enough and s/he quit…can you fill in for a while…?”

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  7. I have a significant number of shenanigan genes and an offer to do my boss’s blog would likely get me canned from blogging and working in general. But, you have talent, a sharp wit, and excellent humor. You’d make your boss a superstar just being yourself. Oh wait, you already made her an international star. Gosh, what could happen next?

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      1. It’s just me and my treasured eccentricity, but I wouldn’t do it simply because of the conflict of interest I would create and then be punished severely. It’s always fun while it lasts.

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  8. Lol, the serendipity of it all. Kinda makes me wonder though, if I was ever the subject of anybody’s blog (or fiction!). I say help her and see how much you can get away with. Then one day you can compile this chicanery into a book. Ahahaaha now your titles makes so much sense.

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    1. Nah I don’t want to get entangled in that kind of thing. I wouldn’t have a problem reading things over but I don’t want to involve money and agreements about things. Far more pitfalls than benefits.

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