Ch 1. High School Ritual: The Big Game (#SepSceneWriMo)

Four high school students encounter an evil spirit. Thoroughly cliched and hopelessly derivative.

On Friday, the high school let out and students streamed out of all exits. Windows were slammed shut and the hallways cleared. Even the loiterers were in a hurry. In five hours the sunset would be blazing, the perfect backdrop to the championship football game that night.

Vanessa was hanging on Chad’s arm and whispering in his ear about her plans for the victory celebration.

When Natalie saw Vanessa, she almost lost her nerve. But she swallowed hard and ran across the frozen grass.

“Chad! I heard you got the football scholarship… Congrats!”

“Uh, thanks,” Chad said.

Vanessa was snickering.

Natalie continued, “Well, good luck at the game tonight!”

Before he could reply, Vanessa cut in. “Nice hair!”

Natalie’s hand went up towards her hair and then dropped. She already knew what her DIY bleach job looked like. She hugged her books to her chest and watched them get in Chad’s black sports car and drive off. Why did girls like Vanessa always get their way?

Meanwhile, Mikhail was emptying his locker’s remaining contents into his backpack. He slammed the door and tossed the combination lock into the bag as well.

The school stood empty as the last administrators left and the security guards locked up the doors. A few birds circled and then flew away. All was totally dead and silent.

A thin cloud, no more than a tendril of smoke, made its appearance on the horizon, snaked its away across the sky, and wrapped itself around the school.

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        1. You can delete that comment if you like. And then I’ll revert the gdoc so that you can see the edits in place. If you have more content, later, I’ll add it to this one doc.
          I’ve done this for numerous other folks, it works pretty well, GDocs that is.

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  1. Your short story reminds me of the motorcycle I used to own. It was a mildly roaring Honda Nighthawk and people doubted that it could climb the Appalachian Mountains. Yet it made it over without a problem and got to Florida before the snows flew.

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