Histrionics (writing prompt.)

You call me a bitch,

Say I’m hysterical,

Look like a witch,

Being heretical.

Stomp like a child,

Screech, make no sense.

Look at that girl–pretty, mild–

I’m wrapped too tight, way too tense.

But I think it’s pretty ironic,

You’re flailing your arms,

Shrieking I’M histrionic.

I discovered this prompt on the blog The Count of North Clifton.

Original prompt found on Sammiscribbles.

22 thoughts on “Histrionics (writing prompt.)

      1. I wrote about a gazillion word binge about an angry young feminist set back in the late 70s. Partly because of the “treatment” for hysteria and histrionics that was at least Victorian dark ages that they put my mother through.

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