An homage to the residual benefits of higher education. #FOWC

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Despondent

Decision that was bad.

Extended payment plans.

Student financial assistance.

Parental shelter needed.

Oh my God look at the interest.

Number of payments.


Emergency room.

Never going to own a house or car.


27 thoughts on “An homage to the residual benefits of higher education. #FOWC

      1. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes poems and stories come from higher places and just come straight out. Other times its down to us to tease them into existence.

        I was given a sleuth from a higher place. Her stories came to me so easily, and I had such fun writing with her. Its odd, because you’d think that means she’s meant to be published. Alas no she never will be. Funny isn’t it?

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        1. Nope, no higher place here. Only experience.

          What is your “sleuth”? A muse or a story character? If you mean a character, I get what you mean. I’ve been working on something on and off for three years, and steadily right now, but can’t do anything with it. Maybe some things are not meant to be shared and they won’t let us. I hope that changes.

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          1. The sleuth is Holly you can see her short stories on my website under tab. Holly is 18 in book on and head waitress in her mothers restaurant. Her grandfather is a police detective. He’s been nurturing her in the ways of the sleuth and so between services in the restaurant she and her footballer boyfriend find themselves solving crimes and mysteries. Holly and I wrote 20 mysteries before it all went wrong and I lost my connection to her.

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              1. It went wrong when I tried to publish. Publisher one stole book one. I lost money retrieving it. Publisher 2 wrecked it. Publisher 3 almost wrecked book two before I got out. I cant afford self publishing with the need to spend about two thousand a book to make it nice and actually sell it. So its hopeless for me.

                Holly’s gone I used to hear her voice, feel her when we wrote together. I failed her. I ruined her stories and made them worthless so she left me.

                Thanks for the link.

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                    1. A frame story is when there’s an outside story “framing” the main story, almost like someone says Sit down sonny I’m going to tell you a story. Used in Wuthering Heights. Maybe your frame story could be your real story, someone who had all these difficulties publishing a story… the story you’re going to tell about Holly. It’s all very meta. Don’t ever let someone take your meta away from you.

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                1. As for me thinking it all worthless. That comes from having betas hating everything including the title. People wanting to rewrite lots and rip bits out. Some even say: ‘this is nice but change this and that.” So itd not nice then. If you want to change it you don’t like it. So I’ve grown to douvt everything I do now.

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                  1. That sounds so difficult to hear. You put your whole heart and soul into something, basically you’re putting yourself, and someone wants to change it. This is why I sit on everything I write. I sweat just thinking about it. Hell I hate it when I read it, I cringe, what would someone else think? But at least you’re out there and you’ve taken the worst, so that’s something.

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                    1. Every negative comment is a dagger to the chest, and piece of flesh being ripped off.

                      Weird thing is nobody seems to hate on short stories. Where they don’t seemed to like anything in my novels, nobody ever seems to complain about a short story I write which is very weird,

                      I have a feeling your novels are magnificent. You have a great writing intelligence in your comments here and the post you showed me. If that’s echoed in your work you have a bestseller for sure.

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                    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ “novels”? You mean abortions! You are way too kind to me. I’m one of those people who finish nothing and sit on them like Gollum with his ring.

                      That’s funny about the short stories, though. Maybe people don’t feel threatened by them? Who knows, people are fickle.

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  1. … lives across the hall from DEJECTED, DELIRIOUS, and DELUSIONAL. Down stairs live DECREPIT, DESPICABLE and DISGUSTING. Alone, upon the roof, surrounded by sunshine, sunflowers, and sun-kissed succulents is DELIGHTFUL.

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  2. Frame story and Meta are very new to me. It seems no matter how much you know you really know nothing to me.

    Whatever the case I cant keep holding onto the baggage of not being able to publish my stories. I have get rid of them and move on at some point. At least deleted nobody gets to steal Holly from me again. She’ll just be my happy memory of writing together.

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    1. Oh I’m one of those people who accumulate writing books without writing anything myself.

      With a paragraph like that, I still cannot tell if you’re serious or not. But please don’t delete them to prove you’re serious.

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      1. I’m always serious in what I say unless I say ‘Lol’ or add a smiley face.

        Nothing wrong with having lots of informational books. At least if you have a questions you should have an answer somewhere.

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