11 thoughts on “In-laws: can’t live with ’em….

  1. If you’re a woman, probably. A foreign female in an established matriarchal hierarchy (if only one tier) would always introduce tension.
    If you’re a guy, charming, helpful, but not a kiss-ass, then it can work. (smile)

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  2. Your post begs the question: Is it correct that you can’t live without them? There is more interest for me if the answer is yes, I can’t live without them. Then the questions are why and how does that work? This sort of thing is meat for your table. Thanks. Duke P.S. I read somewhere that you graduated from a prestigious university. How prestigious? Or is it just something we say, like, Harvard is a great school? I used to tell people just starting out that they could get plenty smart in community college if they truly applied themselves. Books are books and great teachers are everywhere. I’ve known total idiots who went to Princeton and Yale. It’s not the school, it’s the person.

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    1. No I meant what I said: can’t live with them, can’t live with them. If I said I can’t live WITHOUT them, I hope you’d call for a straightjacket ASAP! And yes, it might be interesting for YOU if I can’t live without them. It’s always more interesting to the spectator. Especially in my case. You don’t need to be Dostoevsky to come up with material when they’re around. Like I said to Anonymole, it’s the rich/poor thing, and I’m on the poor side of it. They’re ashamed of me and my family because of all the “accomplished” people in their family. (My partner is NOT NOT NOT like them at all or I wouldn’t even be sitting here typing this).


      Years ago, we were at a family reunion/party sort of thing. I and partner’s mother were sitting with an extended cousin. She asked me where I work. I tell her the store, and she’s about to ask me questions because people love the store I work at (because they don’t know the truth.. yet), and before I can open my mouth, my MIL leans over and says, “It’s just a summer job! It’s just a summer job!” I think I said, in a very very mild gentle voice of correcting something incorrect that was just said, “Well, I’ve actually worked there for six years.”

      RE: my school. My graduate school was not Ivy League, it was prestigious in the academic world because of the school’s history, the scholarship, and professors who have been there. I went to a local, middling college, a “safety school for rich kids” sort of a place (not in my case!) and I did what you said, truly applied myself. I applied myself to the point where I believed I shit gold, and then as soon as I entered the world I got my ass soundly kicked because I had never come up against a real challenge before and I folded. So now I work in retail.


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