17 thoughts on “My boss is an idiot.

          1. I just posted a meditation on difficult bosses.

            I have had my share. I learnt that when kept running it over in my head I was creating more pain, destroying my happiness, stopping myself from enjoying life. I did gratitude, affirmation, worked on taking personally, and having faith that something good will come, . Also I heard something that if we manifest good thoughts for the difficulties they ease off. And it does work it really does.

            I hope the meditation is useful

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      1. It makes you a writer who is looking forward to quitting-day with all that pent up emotion, all those words crashing about waiting to come out. Thanks. Duke

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      1. Wow. Eckhart, on Utube, Power of Now. Plug in, walk around your retail environment if possible. If not, listen at night. Would love for you to write about your psychic experiences if it’s not too painful.

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        1. No, talking about the experiences are not painful. Medical problems are my #1 favorite topic. When I say “psychic” I mean “psyche-ic” or “psychogenic” in the medical sense. It’s a seizure of the consciousness. It feels like a panic attack on steroids. Imagine a mushroom cloud. The bomb goes off in your stomach, and then it goes straight up and the big top part of the cloud is in your brain and makes you black out for a couple of seconds (or more in some cases). You lose your hearing and sight and feel like your consciousness is blinking on and off. Then you come back and don’t know where the hell you are and how you got there (and you have a nice headache for the rest of the day). That type is called “jamais vu,” (“never seen”). “Deja vu” (“already seen”) is actually a seizure as well. Everyone knows the term–“wow, this feels so familiar! It’s like deja vu”!–but real deja vu is a very powerful and overwhelming feeling that this exact moment, at this exact place, and this exact conversation, has all happened once before and you don’t know how the hell it’s possible.

          And with my boss, wish to God I could tune her out. I even wear sneakers so I have a light step to sneak by her office.

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