My Life is Governed by Fear

A jellyfish.

That about sums it all up in a nutshell. One of those nuts that come in a mixed bag and you throw it out because you can’t crack it for the life of you and neither can your dad. Except in this case it’s a nut with a jellyfish inside of it.

The only reason I’m even posting because I have been told and have read in several places recently to just fuck it and do what makes me happy.

Does it matter no one reads this? Am I really only allowed to launch a blog (something millions and millions of people do every single day) if I have perfectly written, planned out posts and a ready-made following? If that were necessary no one would blog.

It took me ten months to even publish the first lame post. I even paid for this service thinking that costing myself a little money would be an incentive. Turns out spending money is not an incentive for me. (But if I had any common sense when it comes to money, I wouldn’t have a master’s degree.)

This is a topic that I’ll talk about for a long time, in the same way escaping through a hundred vault doors takes a long time.

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