The Journey Begins

This is my first blog post and my official warm welcome to you. I left the heading as the generic WordPress title because, why not? It’s good enough, I guess.

In this blog, you will find some boring thoughts about life, generally focused around mental health and writing, with a little angst thrown in.

I’m just your stereotypical millennial paradox: I hold a master’s degree from a prestigious university, yet I’ve done nothing in the last ten years beside languish in retail. And the saddest part is, I don’t even have any good stories.

I make you one promise and one promise only: I will make you feel better about yourself in comparison to me. This is a gift I freely bestow on the whole world, purely out of the goodness of my heart, if only you would accept it.

I hope you stick around, even if only to get mad at me. I thrive on negative attention.

Actually, I don’t. I can’t handle anyone even looking at me funny, let alone anonymous insults. I’ll figure out how to delete comments later.

I figure no one is going to read this anyway.

33 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Joshua! I probably should update the page because my blog is going in a slightly different direction than I thought in terms of topics–though rest assured I am still here to make people feel better about themselves–but hey never thought anyone would read it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      1. I’m blind. I want to go in software development field. My parents want me to get a bureaucratic job at the government, which I despise so much that I can provide power for a city for years if you can use emotions as power.

        Whereas companies don’t want to hire me, because “Blind. Better candidates. Thanks for applying.”

        Never mind that their “Better candidates” are nothing more than parrots repeating same things in the interviews, which they memorized before even coming there. Whereas my answers tend to be quite detailed, and very specific and natural. I don’t memorize word by word.

        Anyway, sorry for the late reply.

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        1. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with multiple challenges. Getting a good job really sucks when you’re not a clone of other people. Do you think there’s a possibility of combining your skills of software development with your skills of living with visual impairment?


          1. The problem with that is most companies don’t care about helping out disabled users. As for big companies like Microsoft and Google, they actually don’t even hire blind people to make their apps usable to blind people (It is all twisted I know, but it is what it is.)

            For example, there is this guy I know. He created his own screen reader, (The software through which we use computer,) and yet, Microsoft didn’t hire him, instead, they hired a sighted guy for the accessibility stuff.

            But despite all the complains, I’m gonna do my my damnedest to turn it around.

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            1. These giant companies suck. I’m not surprised at this though disappointed. It’s also stupid of them. I definitely think you should keep trying. You know better than they do what would help people.

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              1. I do, but sometimes it is not easy. Take medium for example. I informed them about the issue of their article editing and uploading features not working properly for me.

                And what did they do? Nothing, aside from giving me a public relation answer. This is why I actually decided to open my own blog, rather than fight them over it. Yes, I don’t get the same level of traffic. But I feel I’ll get there sooner or later, and whatever readers I’ll gain in that time, they’ll stay with me through thick and thin rather than abandon me during my troubles.

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                    1. I can’t understand how people type on touch screens for large amounts of text anyway. It’s tedious and impossible to write quickly without autocorrect. Teens type on their phones with both thumbs and I can’t even fathom how.

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  1. “I figure no one is going to read this anyway.”

    Ha. How wrong you were.

    Anyway, this is an amazing intro, and looking back at the first posts of my blogs, I wish I’d thought of something that could draw me in like this. Maybe I can go back and rewrite my first post now, lol.

    I also see that Joe has beaten me to the ‘coming to the first post’ bit, lol. Is this a weird thing that blog stalkers (like me) do?

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    1. Haha, thanks for reading it, Stuart. Yes, I remember this quite well. I was going through a difficult time and had wanted for nearly a whole year to begin a blog (I actually paid for it but was too shy to do it), and then one day I said F it, let’s go.


  2. Dearest Hetty … Here is the honest truth ,… If you write it, somebody who is destined to read it will come …be patient .. persist in your passions …You are off to a magnificent beginning …

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    1. Hi John, it’s Hetty from the future. Glad to report it’s two and a half years and still going strong. Made lots of friends, did stuff I never expected to. Hopefully 2020 Hetty sees this comment. I very much appreciate your kind words!

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